Dr. Katarzyna J. Macura, MD, PhD, FACR

Dr. Katarzyna J. Macura is a Professor of Radiology, Urology, and Oncology and an Assistant Director of the ICTR Imaging Translational Program at John Hopkins Medicine. Originally from Poland, Dr. Macura received her MD and Ph.D. in Medical Informatics at the Medical University of Lodz before coming to the United States to complete her postdoctoral research, residency, and fellowship.

During Dr. Macura’s time as a postdoc, she helped create one of the first digital educational systems. The system was a radiology resource “e-book” on a CD-ROM with over 9000 topics and 6000 images. This project was completed in 1995, which was revolutionary for the time because the internet was just beginning. While working on this project, Dr. Macura quickly found her passion for radiology and went on to complete her residency in diagnostic radiology and fellowship in cross-sectional body imaging.

Dr. Macura has been in the radiology field for 25 years, and her favorite part of her job is working with clinicians from other departments to find the best treatment plans for patients. She emphasizes that “Working in a multidisciplinary team addressing the diagnostic and management needs of our patients is truly rewarding.” Additionally, Dr. Macura also loves teaching trainees who are in Residency and Fellowship programs at John Hopkins.

Throughout her career, Dr. Macura has been a great advocate for diversity in the radiology field. In 2005, she served as the president of the American Association for Women in Radiology (AAWR). During her term as president, AAWR won the Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award from the Association of American Medical Colleges. Dr. Macura placed 5th in the Women’s Imaging Specialist category of the 2007 Medical Imaging Industry Top 10 Awards. She also has been very involved in the American College of Radiology (ACR). She served as the inaugural chair of the ACR Commission for Women and Diversity from 2013-2019 and served as ACR’s vice president from 2019-2020. These are only a few titles and awards Dr. Macura has held throughout her career due to her constant commitment to improving patient care, research, and education.

The radiology field is constantly changing and offers many different niche positions in which women can seek specialization. The field is stronger through the work of a diverse group of people. Dr. Macura worked with the ACR to create a platform to improve diversity and inclusion within the field. The diversity initiatives have goals to make the radiology workforce stronger, resulting in new discoveries, treatment options, and overall enhanced care for patients.

When Dr. Macura is not hard at work, she enjoys sailing. Dr. Macura finds sailing to have many parallels with her professional life: “We cannot control the wind, but we can always adjust sails and get to the destination of our choosing.” Dr. Macura’s words reflect how her hard work has paid off in the radiology field despite the constant challenges in medicine and patient care.

Dr. Macura serves as a great role model for all women in radiology. She has created foundations for women in the field to grow strong connections with one another and work through barriers that currently restrict them. Her hard work is a perfect example of the capabilities women have to be leaders and make a difference in the radiology world.

By Melanie Holzer

By Melanie Holzer

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