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Graphic Design and Logo Design

Attention Grabbing Graphic Banner

The first thing your customers see on your website or flyer is the top banner.  This is where you need to Attract them so they will read the rest.  Don’t let this section be a boring stock photo with standard text.  Put something that speaks to your Brand!

Eye Catching Branding

Your Branding should be the first thing your customer notice.  Consistent Branding is the most effective way to get your customer’s attention. Keeping it in front of them makes it easy for them to remember.

Elegant Logo

Part of your Brand Guide is your New Logo!  An Elegant, Simple Logo is central to your branding and helps your customers remember you.

Attention Grabbing

Good graphic design arrests your viewers’ attention. It stops what they’re doing and focuses them on you. That focus allows you to get your message to your prospective customers.

Memorable Branding

Your Branding should be the first thing your customers notice.  Consistent Branding across all media reinforces your identity everywhere your customers and potential customers are.

Elegant Logo

An Elegant, Simple Logo is central to your branding, makes you instantly recognizable everywhere, and helps your customers remember you.

Graphic Design tells your story and showcases your message in a visual way. It combines images, text, and other visual elements to grab the viewers’ attention and keeps it focused on you. Graphic design is used in all areas of business, from marketing and advertising to user interface, publications, and packaging. The areas of your business most impacted by graphic design are your branding and your online presence—your website and social media.

Good graphic design communicates your message effectively on different media and platforms. Media are broad categories like online, print, video, and signage. Platforms are specific areas or technologies within a medium—for example, social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter; print platforms include brochures, books, magazines, and flyers.

Your ideal customer or audience plays a role in your graphic design. Different niches and demographics have different likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Strategically planning which text, visual elements, media, and platforms you use will allow you to target specific audiences. By speaking to them in their preferred visual way, they’ll hear your message loudly and clearly.

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