In-Office Kidney Diagnoses via Konica Minolta Point-of-Care Ultrasound

What do you do when a patient in your practice presents with kidney issues? After you order the lab work, your next step might be to schedule a CT scan. But what if there were something you could do sooner, right in your office? With a Point-of-Care Konica Minolta Ultrasound system (US), there is—and it’s convenient, portable, requires virtually no patient preparation, doesn’t use radiation, and has no side effects on either the patient or you.

Ultrasound examination of the kidneys is common and can be used initially to diagnose a wide variety of conditions—renal masses, kidney blockage, disease, and trauma. In addition, Konica Minolta US is used to guide interventions into the kidneys using its exclusive Simple Needle Visualization (‘Blue Needle’) technology—ensuring more effective, efficient, and precise interventions.

Top 5 Reasons to Have Konica Minolta Ultrasound in Your Facility for Kidney Issues

  • Hand-carried Ultrasound System Designed for You
    • The SONIMAGE HS2 is a Point-of-Care portable ultrasound system designed to support a wide range of applications and patient types. Konica Minolta’s advanced technology features provide high-resolution image quality and efficient workflow for daily clinical practice.
  • Advanced Technology for Superior Image
    • Unique Nanofabrication Technology, combines both material and machining expertise, to produce broad frequency linear probe “L18-4”. It offers both high sensitivity as well as greater penetration.
  • T2HI (Triad Tissue Harmonic Imaging) Dual Sonic Technology
    • By combining T2HI and Dual Sonic, a high-quality THI signal is formed around the center of the ultrasound beam in the receiving area.
    • As a result, it suppresses the acoustic noise and ensures the optimum image from deep to superficial structure.
  • iXRET
    • The SONIMAGE HS2 achieves higher resolution and faster frame rates by utilizing Konica Minolta’s unique technology “iXRET”.
  • SNV (Simple Needle Visualization)
    • The SONIMAGE HS2 automatically detects needle insertion.
    • This function can be used both ‘In plane’ and ‘out of plane’

The ability to differentiate in your office among the various kidney issues means you have the ability to diagnose and plan treatment for your patients before they leave the office. That Konica Minolta US systems are easy enough for novice users means your staff can perform the ultrasound exam, leaving you free to see other patients. Konica Minolta’s Healthcare IT Exa Platform, incorporating ultrasound images, gives you the ability to access the images from anywhere and share them with specialists and patients through the Physician and Patient Portals.  As you can see, ultrasound can be a quick, convenient, and powerful tool in your diagnostic toolkit for treating your patients presenting kidney issues.