Has Social Distancing Made Your Sales Flatline?  Let Pulse ISM Help!  

Pulse ISM has had conversations recently within the Medical Imaging Industry discussing the effect that the Coronavirus has had on both the marketplace and the economy. Social Distancing may keep your account managers out of medical facilities. But a Coronavirus recession does not mean that facilities are not purchasing equipment, just that they are purchasing differently. Now is the time to be proactive with your brand. While your competition is reacting by scaling back their marketing budget, you can gain the advantage and differentiate your brand in a saturated marketplace by investing in marketing now. Doing this makes a memorable impression on both your current and prospective clients and allows them to know what to expect from your company. It will also give you credibility, showing that you are not going anywhere, that you are a stable company with a solid product.

Remember that marketing and sales is an investment in the future of your company. If you stop branding you may lose your market advantage, positioning, and consistency. You cannot abandon the marketing that will bring in important new leads for continued business down the road. When the market declines, take a proactive approach to maintain your market authority. Remember that that your competition will be decreasing their own market exposure. Maintaining yours will give you the opportunity to expand your reach for the same investment. When the market rebounds, as it always does, you will be the brand fresh in the minds of your customers and will have earned their trust because you didn’t abandon them when the times got tough.

Brand strengthening will also save your business money and time in the long run – while your competition is shrinking back it will make it easier for you to introduce new products and services, as well as your current product line, so that when the market opens back up your brand is top-of-mind.

Consider some of our most popular services to ramp up now and make the most of your time to be prepared when the market bounces back.

  • Website development or updating your current website
  • Quality landing pages to make the most out of your potential customers online journey to streamline their experience and to qualify your leads
  • Out-of-the-Box Advertising – sponsorships and non-profit causes
  • Call Center – our Lead Generation Engine closes the gap between Sales and Marketing, and improves both customer satisfaction and cross-sell potential
  • Content Strategy – creating meaningful and sustainable content that attracts the ideal customers for you
  • Demo and Product Videos – creating these videos is a necessity when your sales team is unable to enter the facilities, it will also increase your brand awareness, your company’s personality, and improve your search engine rankings

Pulse ISM would like to offer our #SocialDistancing Website Package to help you overcome Social Distancing.  This would be a great time to use your downtime to prepare your brand to launch forward.  Please contact us at 913.662.1405, Ext 1 or fill out the form below.


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