PSA Tape Can Prevent Cross-infection When Used as Ultrasound Probe Cover

Researches in China have determined that specifically formulated adhesive tape applied to ultrasonic probes can serve as an effective barrier to cross-infection risk while not affecting image quality. The research was published October 6, 2021, in Surfaces and Interfaces.

The team, led by Dr. Yaun Quin, Ph. D., of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology, reported that

  • “Adhesive tape as ultrasound probe cover is used to prevent cross-infections.
  • Adhesive tape has less impact on the clarity of ultrasonic images.
  • Adhesive tape is easy to [adhere to] or [remove from ultrasonic probes] during sonographic examination.
  • Viscoelastic adhesive layer of tape replaces the ultrasound coupling gel.”

“The formation of a cross-linked network among polymer chains also greatly improved the shear strength of PSA [pressure-sensative adhesive] tapes to meet the requirements of ultrasound probe covers, such as ‘easy to adhere and peel from the ultrasound probe’, ‘without adhesive residue on the surface of the ultrasound probe’ and ‘less impact on the clarity of ultrasonic images’. Viscoelastic adhesive layer of tape replaces the coupling gel between ultrasound probe and PSA tape,” wrote Quin, et. al.

The team concluded, “The ease of preparation, convenience of use, and effectiveness of acrylate PSA tapes indicate that they have broad application prospects for sonographic examinations.”


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