Bayer Study Highlights Need for Dense Breast Education

A Bayer study of 500 U.S. women with dense breasts found that many of them weren’t aware of the impact breast density had on cancer risk or the need for supplemental imaging, according to reported that “[o]f the 500 women, 30% didn’t feel informed about how breast density affects breast cancer risk or their long-term breast cancer screening needs, according to the company. Also, when informed about their breast density, 24% said they were worried and 26% said they were unsure of what to do next.”

The study further found, according to, that:

  • “57% of the women did not receive any resources when told about their breast density
  • 36% were told that no action is necessary until their next annual exam
  • 26% were told they should seek additional screening
  • 53% were notified of their breast density during a face-to-face conversation with a healthcare provider
  • 24% were notified from a source other than their healthcare provider’s office, such as a radiology facility”

“‘Because diagnosing breast cancer early is one of the most important strategies to saving patients’ lives, we want to encourage women with dense breasts to educate themselves and talk to their healthcare providers about supplemental imaging, such as a breast MRI, that can be more effective in identifying cancers early,’ said Bayer Radiology Head of U.S. Medical Affairs Dr. Pamela Habib in a statement,” reported


“Bayer highlights needs (sic) for breast density education.” Available online October 26, 2021, at Accessed November 8, 2021.

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